Registration with our club

In order to join our club - we require a completed membership form. This form covers the basic communication details, as well as some general health information. We require written parental approval for swimmers under 18, and a swimmers declaration over conduct and permissions. 

Club Membership Fees

Club membership covers Swim England Licence fees from National, Regional and county bodies which gives individual swimmers and the club affiliation and access to competitions and events. Your membership fee goes towards paying for this, as well as managing the costs we incur as a club.

Renewing Membership

Membership runs from January to December. Club renewal is required in December ready for the new year. There is an £5 deduction if you renew in November. 


7 November 2019 - Our renewal period has started, bring a pen down to training tomorrow and sign up for 2019/20 season. Fees have remained the same this year - for the third year in a row! Membership Packs are available here. You will be able to pick up the registration form on the desk. Watch out - next year might well be electronic...

Join our Club

Make Contact


First things first, get in touch with us, and register your interest. You can do this through Facebook by messaging the club page, enquiring at one of our swim sessions or by completing the  online form here.



Once you've registered with us, you will be invited to an assessment session. Please wait for us to contact you with an invite.  This assessment session lasts about 45 minutes and we will give you a decision straight away.

First Membership


Once you've has an assessment and we invite you to join, you are entitled to 3 free sessions. This gives you the chance to spent a bit of time with us and be sure you want to join. You will need to complete the membership form and pay a membership fee.

Are we worth it? Check out our visual about our annual membership fees and training fees.